When you invite me to work with you and your family, you’re investing in a mutually creative process, not paying by the hour. 

By immersing myself briefly into your family’s world, I am able to observe and capture the often small but extraordinary moments that occur within your ordinary rhythms. I especially love to work with families is over time, returning once or twice a year. In this way I provide your family not just with a few beautiful photographs, but a document of the changes that take place, most often imperceptibly, over time. 

The approach I take in my family photography is similar to my documentary work. I intervene as little as possible and don't do much posing. What I aim to capture are intimate moments that reveal the essential and beautiful truth of you and your kids. 

I am never in a hurry to end a session; making great images is more important to me than keeping to a set time. And because I want your photographs to be works of art, I also spend a significant amount of time obsessing over them once I have left your home.

When we’re done, you will have a selection of beautiful photographs to love for a lifetime.

Sessions start at $500.

"Jessica, once again, I am just floored by how you manage to capture the essence of our family. Even the tenderness and paradoxes shine through."